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Elaine Lee, a mentor, author, and an entrepreneur has a passion for helping girls. With this passion, she started  a Non-profit dedicated to the well-being of young ladies called,  Girl Link Organization, Inc (GLO). GLO is a program designed to help young ladies learn valuable life skills to be productive in society.

Elaine attended Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL where she received her Bachelor's
Degree in Communications, and continued her Graduate studies at the University of Maryland Global Campus in Maryland, where she received an MBA, Masters in Business Administration. 


Her career in the field of mentoring and etiquette training has helped her to strive for excellence and success in nurturing and empowering our young ladies. She has established herself with the Baltimore and Chicago school system to help shape, empower and uplift young ladies from all ethnic backgrounds. Her mission is to help mold our young ladies to be Empowered, Confident and Independent young women.


Her local career has been full of many speaking engagements and etiquette classes to young ladies as well as, young men at various colleges, high schools and churches. At GLO, Elaine has developed a curriculum with courses ranging from self-esteem, finances, and domestic skills. She is also an author with workbooks for Elementary, Middle and High School as well as, a book for entering College Freshman. These workbooks are structured guides to help in the transitional stages girls go through as they become young women.
Elaine often says “knowledge of self goes a long way” and she works hard to teach and empower young ladies they can be whatever they want to be and the only obstacle in the way of their success is them. But most importantly she wants girls to know this one thing, to always love yourself first.

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