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Girl Link Organization Inc., GLO is a Non-profit 501(c)(3) program dedicated to changing the lives of our young ladies aged 8-24. GLO will educate and teach young ladies the importance of etiquette, self-esteem, domestic skills, money management, critical thinking, decision-making,  interviewing, social development skills, nutrition, hygiene, sex, dating, entrepreneurship, and more.

GLO is also a haven. A place where you can feel comfortable talking about your issues without being judged, meet and socialize with other young ladies, and learn what the meaning of sisterhood truly is. Bonding is a part of belonging to something and feeling welcome, comfortable, and loved.


Our mission is to educate Young Ladies to become Empowered, Independent Young Women.

With so many distractions going on in the world today, our young ladies are falling victim too often to the dangers of life. We are at “Critical Mass” and it is time for change.

GLO is a program that caters to our young ladies. A program that understand and reacts to issues and not cover them up. A program that knows being a girl is not easy, but with guidance anything is possible.


The goal of GLO is to give students and young adults training and guidance in the areas of Etiquette, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Finances, Life Skills, Social and Personal Development, and much more. Students are taught the necessary tools needed to grow and be productive in society.

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Girl Link Organization, is a program dedicated to changing Lives!



Order your book now for your educational journey from elementary school through college graduation!



Book your assembly or girls event now to teach our young ladies their self-worth, expectations of being a girl and the importance of succeeding in school.

We cater to you. Do you need workshops on a specific subject we can help. 

GLO prides itself  in the field of Mentorship. We have a host of Mentors ready to help as well as, our Mentees become mentors.

Not sure what you need?


January 2024

14th - Etiquette Class (Upper Marlboro)

22nd - Model Call (Upper Marlboro)

28th - Podcast- GLO GIRL Chats

Febuary 2024

10th - GLO Girl Chats Podcast - 1st yr college 

17th- Model Call (Upper Marlboro)

24th - Parent  - College - Virtual Call

26th -Nurturing Leadership in Our Girls (zoom)


March 2024

9th -Heels training

18th - Communication Etiquette - Fort Washington

22th - Adult Etiquette Class (Dinner included)

April 2024

6th- Heels, Heels,Heels -training

13th & 20th - Fashion Show Model Call

May 2024

11th & 18th - Fashion Show Rehearsal

June 2024

15th - Photoshoot

July 2024

Off To Africa Trip

August 2024

September 2024

October 2024

November 2024

December 2024

Smiling Girl
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GLO  Etiquette  Academy
Etiquette training in
Communication / Dining / Personal Development
8 weeks - $225.00

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Heelz * Heelz * Heelz
Learn to walk in heels with confidence!
$20 per hour


Etiquette Academy PC_edited.jpg

Upper Marlboro!

Call 410-881-7221
to get registered!



Not Sure What You Need!

Schedule your free consultation today and have your event structured  to your needs.


I was always angry until I learned to channel my anger to positive things. Now I am always looking for new things to learn.


I did not like talking to people. Now, after the program I am comfortable talking with my friends. 


This program is what I needed. 5 years later I am still involved in helping other girls achieve their dreams. 


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Monday - Saturday: 8am to 6pm

Private classes available

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Phone: 410-881-7221



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